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April — Drying Case history: Apples to apples – Drying a healthy snack A family fruit farm uses a multistage dryer to create apple chips. Tips for effective agitated vacuum drying Shawn Hearn Article explains how vacuum drying works and offers suggestions on how to achieve efficient results in your agitated vacuum drying operation. Suppliers' tips Equipment suppliers discuss what dryer features to look for when trying to maintain sanitary conditions during drying. Industry perspective: Is your facility at risk for a dust explosion? John W. Carson Mixing Mechanics Fernando J. Muzzio, Yifan WAng, Juan Osorio, and Golshid Keyvan Authors discuss the effects of using lubricants when blending powders in different mixing devices How temperature and humidity affect hygroscopic material flow behavior John Lawrence This article focuses on the relationship between a hygroscopic bulk solid material's moisture level and how ambient temperature and relative humidity impact that material's flowability. May — Bagging and Packaging Form-fill-seal machines for bulk solids — vertical or horizontal? Graham Rawlings Article describes vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines and discusses some of the considerations that might impact the purchasing decision when choosing between them. Suppliers' tips Equipment suppliers suggest important packaging equipment features to look for when handling abrasive materials and discuss packaging equipment design innovations that we may see over the next 5 years. Industry perspective: Getting lost in translation Richard J. Farnish Understanding and minimizing powder segregation Gary Liu This article aims to provide a better understanding of what causes bulk solid material segregation and discusses techniques to minimize or mitigate segregation in your bulk solids processing and handling operations. Dust Doctor John A. Constance The author discusses how to avoid potential problems related to static electricity in your dust collection system. The importance of a correct air-to-filter-media ratio for a dust collector Jack Osborn This article addressed why the air-to-filter-media ratio is important and how it relates to dust collector selection. June — Size Reduction Test center: Properly milling limestone A test center helps a mining company select the correct mill for a new installation. Milling trona for dry sorbent injection Steven Bythrow This article discusses how particle size reduction can help boost efficiency in stack gas pollutant removal. Suppliers' tips Equipment suppliers discuss the best type of milling equipment for size reduction operations that have to accomodate frequent material changeovers. Agglomeration Advisor Eric Matovich Author offers tips on how to control microbiological contamination when rewet agglomerating powders. Industry perspective: More than just size reduction Jack Osborn System selection criteria for successful vacuum transfer of fragile materials Nick Hayes This article discusses the importance of vacuum, material velocity, and phase flow when evaluating and choosing a vacuum conveyor system for fragile materials. Air pollution control Industrial-emissions-related news and markets information along with a selection of products that can help you control air pollution at your plant. July — Mechanical Conveying Safely conveying hazardous materials in continuous bucket elevators James Bransfield This article examines the critical factors that operators should be aware of when using continuous bucket elevators to convey harmful materials. Suppliers' tips Equipment suppliers discuss considerations that might be forgotten when selecting the appropriate mechanical conveyor for a project. Preventing wear and abrasion on slide gates and diverter valves Jamie Clayton This article discusses possible techniques to help prevent wear and abrasion on slide gates and diverter valves. Pneumatic points to ponder… Jack D. Hilbert The columnist reviews some of the velocity- and conveying- related terms that you should know to effectively operate a pneumatic conveying system. Nanotechnology A current look at nanotechnology-related news and events. 8 August 2018 PBE powderbulk.com

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