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September 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2018 14 A re you ready for the IoT revolution? The Internet of Things (IoT) will soon be everywhere—embedded in interconnected devices we'll use every day. Thirty billion smart devices are projected to be linked soon, connecting people in ways that are already transforming how we operate. Cars, appliances, and wearables transmit real-time data to improve our everyday lives, and for traditional companies such as Siemens and GE, the Internet of Things breakthrough is bringing profound changes to management, strategy, manufacturing, and maintenance. The Future is Smart: How Your Company Can Capitalize on the Internet of Things—and Win in a Connected Economy by leading IoT strategist W. David Stephenson shares detailed analyses and numerous case studies on the successes of mainstream companies and startups that have capitalized on the IoT. This information will help businesses worldwide that have not yet invested in the IoT's opportunities, due to lack of understanding or concern about the costs and other obstacles. The Future is Smart explains how companies can use the IoT to optimize supply chains, maximize quality and precision, boost safety, increase efficiency, reduce waste, cut costs, create new revenue streams, and revolutionize product design to delight their customers. "IoT is sparking the first radical shift since the Industrial Age, from hierarchy and linear processes to 'circular companies' achieving unprecedented efficiency," says Stephenson. "This is dramatically reducing environmental impacts and unleashing incredible creativity by breaking down information silos and providing immediate access to real- time data. B O O K R E V I E W THE FUTURE IS SMART How Your Company Can Capitalize on the Internet of Things— and Win in a Connected Economy Author: W. David Stephenson is an internationally recognized IoT thought leader, strategist, theorist, writer, and long-time futurist. He is principal of Stephenson Strategies and founded the 3,500+ member Boston IoT Meetup. He has consulted on strategies to simultaneously increase governmental bodies' transparency and operating efficiency. Stephenson is the author of SmartStuff: An Introduction to the Internet of Things; Managing the Internet of Things Revolution, an online guide for C-level executives managing IoT; and Data Dynamite: How Liberating Information Will Transform Our World. Publisher: HarperCollins Publishing RO

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