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September 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2018 16 BRING ON THE WELLNESS MTI Baths supports wellness movement with full range of hydro-therapies and sensory options Wellness is more important than ever. The evidence is everywhere, from the soaring popularity of juice bars and yoga studios, to social media frenzies over fitness trackers and cleansing diets. According to the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute, the international wellness market reached over $3.7 trillion in 2015. The emphasis on wellness has expanded from spas and holistic centers to become something that people want to incorporate into their homes and daily lives. Businesses are looking for ways to bring wellness into the workplace. Even wellness travel is booming. While wellness is leading the headlines, it's nothing new to MTI Baths. As a renowned designer and manufacturer of therapeutic tubs, MTI has been a leader in the wellness movement for decades. From the very beginning, promoting wellness for individuals and improving the quality of people's lives has been a core component of MTI's mission and an important focus in the design and function of both their products and their therapies. "Our products are beautiful," said MTI President and Chief Design Officer Russell Adams. "Who doesn't appreciate a beautifully designed bathtub? But we look beyond pure aesthetics to the therapeutic benefits. How do our therapies help people physically and emotionally? What can we do to offer enhanced wellness? That's what drives our design process." The growing interest in wellness has created opportunities for people to incorporate its elements into their everyday lives. Many businesses are placing new emphasis on air and light quality, community gardens and fitness programs. Increasing numbers of hotels and resorts are offering in-room amenities such as yoga equipment, spa-inspired toiletries, and hydrotherapy tubs. As a true pioneer in the world of hydrotherapy, MTI offers five distinct types of hydrotherapy experience: the traditional soaking bath, the deep massage of the whirlpool bath, the relaxing air bath, the new gently flowing Stream Bath ® , or a combination of air bath and whirlpool. With more than 200 unique tub models, MTI allows customers to tailor their bath configurations to match their own personal style and therapeutic needs. MTI continues to innovate when it comes to developing therapeutic options. One of their newest offerings is a state-of-the- art system known as microbubbles that super-saturates the water with up to 50 percent more dissolved oxygen than regular water. Billions of tiny bubbles act to gently exfoliate and moisturize the skin, while at the same time releasing energy that helps keep the bath water warm. This optional therapy can be added to most soaking or air bathtubs for a super-luxurious bathing experience. MTI moves beyond hydrotherapy with its commitment to wellness. They have long extended their focus into sensory therapies such as thermal therapy with inline water heating systems and Radiance ® which brings radiant heat into the tub structure itself to warm the SEPTEMBER I N D U S T RY [ N E W S ]

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