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Text by Holly Matkin • Photography by Really Montana Photography URBAN AFFAIRS U Got Style As the owner of Catalyst Commercial, commercial real estate broker Scott Blumfield is in the business of selling solutions. "I don't just try to sell property to my clients," Scott explains. "I solve problems." He recently purchased the old Wells Fargo building in downtown Great Falls, and has been working with local entrepreneurs to revitalize the space for their new and exciting endeavors. The business-casual attire he sports in his professional life exemplifies his straightforward, client-centered style of doing business. Ease and comfort are at the forefront, so Scott developed an affinity for AG Jeans brand slacks from Blue Rose in Great Falls. "They look like jeans, but they're a softer cotton and are basically a cross between dress pants and regular jeans," the father-of-four explains. He snags up pairs in neutral colors like gray, tan, or khaki, then couples them with button-up collared shirts in hues of blue, gray or light red. "I usually wear long sleeves year-round," Scott says. He tends towards solid-colored shirts or simple stripe patterns, and rarely goes out without his Omega wristwatch. Scott caps off his casual business style with timeless dress shoes by Allen-Edmonds Evans, then adds a subtle bit of flair. "I like interesting patterned socks," he says with a chuckle. For more formal occasions, Scott dresses up his classic look with a casual sport coat – but only until he gets home to his wife, Bromley, and their 4-month old double-doodle puppies. "Then it's jeans or shorts and polos or t-shirts," he says, pausing a moment before disclosing his relaxation-time footwear. "And flip-flops," he finally sighs. Timeless Professional Style With a Dash of Modern Comfort Shoes - To Boot of New York Jeans - AG Jeans from the Blue Rose Jacket - Tommy Hilfiger Shirt - Nordstrom Watch - Omega S MT SiG MT 14 Scott's sharp, sleek look is all about business, without sacrificing comfort.

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