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Text by Holly Matkin • Photography by Really Montana Photography URBAN AFFAIRS Introducing SiG MT 18 nderstanding the interconnectivity of self-care and healing is more than a job for Connie Scherer – it acts as a guiding light for many aspects of her life. As a nurse practitioner in the endocrinology department of the Great Falls Clinic, Connie spends four days each week helping patients who are struggling with glandular and hormonal disorders as they embark on their journey towards wellness. "It's very complex, but very interesting," she explains. "Tweaking one area affects another area, so it is kind of like putting together a puzzle." "In healthcare, you have that 'hands-on' all day long," Connie adds. "I love the connection I get to have with people." When she leaves her office at the end of the week, Connie heads to the solace of her farm north of Denton. "Coming out here to rejuvenate and fix myself is my therapy," she says of the land she homesteaded a decade ago. She spends her downtime working on the treasures of her garden – berries, asparagus, and rhubarb are among her heartiest crops – and revels in the tranquility of the sprawling landscape. "You learn how to be really independent," Connie says with a laugh. "Duct tape and rolls of wire can be your best friend. Cultivating Wellness: U From the Farm to the Office S MT Simple country living is a rejuvenating therapy for nurse practitioner Connie Scherer.

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