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16 OctOber 2018 Inhalation Tiotropium and olodaterol generic soft mist inhaler Merxin's Soft Mist Inhaler is tai- lored to provide a device platform for generic forms of tiotropium and/or olodaterol soft mist prod- ucts. It is an aqueous device, mechanically driven, with a dose c o u n t e r , w h i c h g e n e r a t e s a slow-moving aerosol plume that penetrates in the deep lung. This highly portable device is available in different variants, including a 505j substitutable version, a high dose model and one for higher viscosity f o r m u l a t i o n s . M e r x i n i s I S O 1348:2016 certified. Merxin Ltd UK: +44 1223 787300 Next Generation Impactor (NGI) MSP Corporation introduced the Model 170 Next Generation Impactor (NGI) in 2001 to improve the accuracy and convenience of particle size dis- tribution testing of inhalable drug products. Over a decade later, with more than 1,000 units in use worldwide, the NGI is now the industry global stan- dard. With a factory in-use-margin of no less than 50% on all of its all-316 stainless steel nozzle pieces, complete flow resistance characterization, con- trolled cup surface roughness and O-ring-free connections, there is only one NGI. MSP remains committed to manufacturing the NGI with utmost fidelity to its original design and solely to the highest standards of quality, including ISO 9001:2008. MSP Corporation US: +1 651 287-8100 eMDI smart connected inhaler H&T Presspart, a leading manufacturer of MDI devices, has launched the eMDI, a market-ready, fully embedded, intuitive, connected metered dose inhaler. e eMDI seamlessly integrates with the BreatheSmart health app from Cohero Health, with the eMDI helping improve patient adherence. As a fully functioning, market-ready device, it can help pharmaceutical manu- facturers rapidly and cost-efficiently bring excellent care to patients with asthma and COPD. Presspart UK: +44 1254 584131

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