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October 2018

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OCTOBER 2018 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 high-quality Salamander furniture, it's available in various colors and finishes to suit any venue and décor and can be custom configured with rapid deployment for vendors, integration partners and designers. This new furniture category development began when Sony approached Salamander Designs for a cabinet suitable for their UST residential projector series. The Sony product didn't precisely fit in any cabinet on the market—a major hurdle to success. A team of Sony engineers traveled from Japan to Salamander's 100% solar-powered factory in Connecticut and were off to the races. After a highly successful launch with a very high attachment rate, the project was deemed a resounding success. Salamander then built a custom version for Dell and others in the commercial markets, and since then has been expanding the line-up for the CEDIA space. "This entirely new, much-needed product category serves both commercial and residential markets," said Salvatore Carrabba, president and founder of Salamander Designs. "We are the first company to create, develop and deliver any such solution with proven market success. Currently there are models available for two great names in the resi space, Sony and Hisense. Other collaborations are in the works, and we expect to announce products for three more popular brands shortly." "Projectors that offer unique characteristics—like ultra-short throw—require special cabinets to maximize their full potential," Sal continued. "Our products do this while streamlining the install and putting all projector gear in one place, with no jumbling of cables. All equipment and speakers are housed in a single, seamless cabinet. We now have versions that fit 120-inch screens with projectors and allow the complete solution to sit just inches off the wall." To learn why global companies such as Sony, Microsoft, General Electric, NBC Sports and thousands of customers worldwide rely on Salamander furniture and accessories, visit SÉURA INTRODUCES SMART MIRRORS AT CEDIA Séura transforms the bathroom into a personalized smart hub within the connected home Séura , the industr y-leading manufacturer of T V M irror solutions, is bringing SMART technology to the bathroom with the introduction of the Séura SMART Mirror. The new mirrors transcend television viewing, providing consumers instant access to a personalized home screen for a more efficient and comfortable morning routine. This sleek new mirror integrates a multi-functional display, allowing consumers to seamlessly and instantly connect to their calendar, email, weather and favorite apps, and watch television while they prepare for their day. Personalized home screens allow for faster, easier access to what matters most to the user with over a million widgets and apps available via the Google App Store. Consumers can be connected to their digital world as they prepare for the day ahead. "The development of this new technology was driven by significant market and lifestyle movements," said Tim Gilbertson, Séura COO and Co-founder. "A 2016 study of bathroom trends by Houzz reported that nearly 60% of people are now bringing smart phones into their bathroom in an effort to stay connected. We designed this product to deliver the same benefits smartphones provide in a better way, with the convenience of curated information, and a larger and well-placed display with both touch and voice control." Séura SMART Mirrors have hands-free voice activation and touch control options that enable multi-tasking and are also ideal for the bathroom environment. Voice activation allows for a simple and intuitive control option for those with busy or wet hands to compose emails, search, play a song, or add to a shopping list. Touch control allows users the option to scroll through content, select new applications and adjust the size and placement of apps and widgets within their personal dashboard. The new customizable Séura SMART Mirror represents designer technology at its best. The display is four times the size of the average tablet for an improved user experience. Like Séura Vanity TV mirrors, the display completely vanishes when turned off, leaving behind a beautiful and functional bathroom mirror. Séura creates one-of-a-kind mirrors with customizable options including mirror shape and size, screen placement, frames, etched lighting designs, and more. Consumers can create the perfect, functional mirror for their home and can be more efficient, effective and connected every day with Séura. For more information visit

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