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Each fall and spring, the Thoroughbred world converges on Keeneland to take part in a unique tradition—a tradition of world-class racing and sales that supports our ongoing mission to reinvest in our industry. This mission is only possible through the dedication and loyalty of our horsemen, customers and fans. Together, we make racing as it should be. A WORLD-CLASS TRADITION K E E NE L A ND FA LL ME E T O c tober 5 -27, 2018 N OV E MB E R B R E E DING S TO CK S A LE No vemb er 5 - 16 , 2018 J A N UA RY H O R S E S O F A LL AG E S S A LE J a nua r y 7 - 10 , 2019 A PR IL T WO -Y E A R- O LDS IN T R A INING S A LE A pril 9, 2019 K E E NE L A ND S PR ING ME E T A pril 5 - 26 , 2019 S E P T E MB E R Y E A R LING S A LE September 9 - 21, 2019 Learn more at

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