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16 October 2018 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus quality, validation, & regulatory compliance Powder flow tester PFT powder flow tester analyzes flow behavior to define key bulk solids measurements for flow function, bulk density, and internal friction angle and uses this data to calculate hopper arching dimension, bin rathole diam- eter, and hopper wall friction angle. Fast, accurate, and repeatable bulk d e n s i t y m e a s u r e m e n t s e n s u r e a smooth production run with minimal lost product. Unit helps manufactur- ers minimize or eliminate downtime and expenses associated with erratic or failed hopper discharge. Ametek Brookfield, Middleboro, MA 508 946 6200 WD-XRF spectrometer ZSX Primus IV wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) spectrometer nondestructively analyzes samples to determine major and trace element composi- tions and is suitable for high-volume quality control and high-end research. Features include tube-above optics that minimize the effects of contaminants and nearly eliminates downtime; a 30-micron tube window that maximizes light-element detection; mapping that provides elemental or topographical distributions; analysis that handles samples as small as 500 microns; a helium seal that ensures the optics remain under vacuum; and ZSX guidance software that assists with all aspects of XRF measurement and analysis, allowing novice operators to analyze samples like experts. EZ-scan software analyzes unknown samples with no prior setup. Rigaku Americas, The Woodlands, TX 281 362 2300 Media preparation station Ezfill 4500 media preparation station heats, degases, and dispenses dissolu- tion media, simplifying the preparation process and eliminating errors that can cause false dissolution tests and qualifi- cation failures. Compact unit com- bines inline heating with vacuum degassing and dispensing to conserve space and features a remote dispensing nozzle that directly fills vessels in place. Station is compatible with most bath dissolution testers and includes an optional mobile cart. Distek, North Brunswick, NJ 732 422 7585 Vertical tablet deduster with metal detector M o d e l K D 6 0 1 5 v e r t i c a l t a b l e t deduster uses gentle vibrations to dedust as many as 3.5 million tablets per hour while elevating them 250 to 500 millimeters. System features a C820 controller with an integrated acceleration sensor to facilitate a con- stant flow of tablets under various loads. Deduster can also include an optional Ceia, Lock, or Safeline metal detector (photo, upper left). All equip- ment is easy to clean, and assembly and disassembly require no tools. Kraemer US, Allendale, NJ 201 962 8200

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