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22 October 2018 Tablets & Capsules I pliance was critical. For the pill to be effective in prevent- ing pregnancy, Schering (now Bayer) needed a packaging format that made it easy for consumers to administer doses regularly over a set period of time. The develop- ment of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and copolymers with good thermoforming capabilities, along with tempered aluminum foil as a lidding material, helped make com- mercialization of the blister pack possible [1]. More than 50 years later, the blister pack is becoming increasingly popular as a packaging format perfectly This article discusses the safety, product stability, and con- sumer convenience benefits of blister packaging for solid oral dosage pharmaceutical products. nvented in the early 1960s and heralded for its conve- nience and security, the blister pack was designed to improve medication compliance. Indeed, for the birth-control pill, which became the first pharmaceutical product to leverage the blister-pack format, patient com- Blister packaging: Benefits, trends, and innovations Tom Egan PMMI packaging

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