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T he pharmaceutical industry has always been at the forefront of safety practices given the potentially dire consequences of a breach in product purity. Still, coun- terfeit drug products remain a growing problem [1]. Technologies that enable drug counterfeiting, adultera- tion, and diversion are becoming more accessible, accu- rate, and affordable, and online buying offers anonymous worldwide distribution. As it becomes easier to replicate the look and feel of a popular tablet or capsule and mimic the graphics and serialization on a package, the stakes have never been higher. Counterfeit drug products are a major problem for the pharma- ceutical industry. This article discusses how DNA molecular taggants can help combat drug counterfeiting and improve the safety of the pharmaceutical supply chain. DNA molecular taggants: A hidden key to pharmaceutical patient safety Judy Murrah Applied DNA Sciences anti-counterfeiting Tablets & Capsules October 2018 33

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