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Laser drill platform Single-lane VIP laser drill platform for R&D and small batches marks one or both sides of tablets and capsules of any shape or size with up to two colors of ink with pixel precision. Change parts and carrier links are easy to swap and affordable, allowing for production flexibility. Optional vision inspection system with single-product rejection and reject confirmation ensures product quality. Ackley Machine, Moorestown, NJ 856 234 3626 Laser printer Delta Laser Writer printer marks 60,000 to 70,000 products per hour and prints on one or both sides of tablets, capsules, and softgels of all shapes and sizes. Unit's print registration is adjustable in-process without stopping operations. Print- er's spring-lock system and 6-pocket carrier bars speed changeover and require minimal cleaning. Options include a vision inspection system with single-product rejection, a floor-level infeed bulk hopper, external particulate removal vacuums, and IQ/OQ validation documents. R.W. Hartnett, Philadelphia, PA 215 969 9190 A survey of what's available tablet & capsule identification UV cold laser marker, opioid tracker UV cold laser marker (photo) permanently marks pre-pack- aged or loose tablets and capsules of any size or shape with high-resolution, tamper-proof text, barcodes, and images. Markings are unaffected by oily surfaces and don't cause chemical or structural changes that can compromise prod- uct integrity. Unit provides complete, instant track-and- trace throughout the manufacturing and distribution chain. Company also offers opioid ID tracker, a compact unit that can be placed next to a pharmacy or clinic checkout. As it dispenses opioid products, it marks each tablet or capsule with specific, unique information that allows local and fed- eral law enforcement, via their database, to identify and trace every opioid dose in every prescription back to the original patient and prescribing physician. Tracker is also designed for small batch test and pilot manufacturing runs. Tri-Star Technologies, El Segundo, CA 310 536 0444 Tablets & Capsules October 2018 37

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