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industry innovations Drum tipper Tip-Tite drum tipper uses a hydraulic cylinder to raise and set the drum rim against a discharge cone, after which a second hydraulic cylinder equipped with a motion-dampen- ing feature tips the drum to an angle of 45, 60, or 90 degrees. Pneumatic slide gate valve prevents material flow until the discharge cone is properly seated in the gasketed inlet port, which then opens and charges the conveyor. Flexible screw conveyor volumetrically feeds bulk materials from submicron powders to large pellets. Unit's integral screw centers itself within the conveying tube as it rotates, providing ample clearance between the screw and the tube wall to minimize grinding and reduce dust. Additionally, the screw is top-driven beyond the discharge point, pre- venting material contact with bearings or seals. Unit accom- modates drums from 115 to 200 liters weighing up to 340 kilograms. Optional pneumatically-actuated vibrator on the discharge cone promotes complete evacuation of non-free- flowing materials. Flexicon, Bethlehem, PA 610 814 2400 R&D capsule Colorista R&D capsules shorten product development time by allowing manufacturers to progress with technical devel- opment before deciding on a capsule's final commercial color. Companies can gather data on potential capsule colors while conducting compatibility tests, eliminating the need for further regulatory review between product testing and final color selection. Hard gelatin capsules are available in 150 colors, and HPMC capsules are available in 50 colors. Capsugel-Lonza, Morristown, NJ 862 242 1700 Tablets & Capsules October 2018 45 Subscribe today

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