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November 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM NOVEMBER 2018 16 IN DIALOGUE WITH FOOD: MIELE PRESENTS A REVOLUTIONARY NEW COOKING METHOD The dialog oven is faster and more versatile than any other cooking product – and delivers excellent results Cooking fish in a block of ice or a fillet of veal in a jacket of beeswax? Without the ice or the wax melting? The time has now come to reinvent cooking – with the Dialog oven from Miele. For the very first time, a technology is being deployed in which electromagnetic waves respond to the texture of food in an intelligent manner. Meat, for example, is cooked more uniformly, retaining its juices. Fish and vegetables keep their fine structure and dough rises significantly better. Various fresh ingredients for a complete meal can be placed together on an oven tray and are all finished to perfection at exactly the same time – and up to 70% faster than using conventional cooking methods. The Dialog oven was launched in the second quarter of 2018. From the outside, the appearance of a Dialog oven is identical to that of its conventional counterpart; on the inside, the Dialog oven opens up a whole new world of cooking, baking and roasting pleasure. One example which baffles audiences at presentations is an uncooked fillet of fish embedded in a block of ice which is placed in the Dialog oven. The result: The fish inside the ice is cooked while the ice itself remains frozen. No less as impressive as it is inconceivable is this example: take a leg of lamb and place it on a bed of vegetables consisting of red peppers and green asparagus. Fill any remaining space with potato wedges and place the tray in the Dialog oven. After around 45 minutes, the lamb comes out succulent and evenly NOVEMBER I N D U S T RY [ N E W S ]

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