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November 2018

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NOVEMBER 2018 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 cooked, the vegetables are slightly al dente and the potatoes deliciously soft – without any interruption or the need to introduce additional ingredients. It would be impossible to cook this dish in a conventional oven with such excellent results and in such a short space of time. Similarly, such dissimilar ingredients as salmon and puff pastry – a combination of tastes made in heaven – can be cooked simply, fast and in only a single operation. The broad range of applications and the quality of results stem from M Chef technology from Miele. This technology applies electromagnetic waves to the food which creates heat for cooking. The Dialog oven features a modular unit which generates electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range and distributes these in the oven via two high-performance sensors. As the molecules in food are arranged in different ways and even rearranged during the course of cooking, continuous adjustment of the frequency supports the cooking process. The same sensors also provide the Dialog oven with feedback on the amount of energy which has been absorbed by food. EXCELLENT RESULTS THANKS TO M CHEF IN COMBINATION WITH RADIANT HEAT A further significant advantage of M Chef accrues from the fact that food is cooked 'volumetrically': a fillet of meat is, for instance, cooked uniformly pink from the edges right through to the core. In a conventional oven, this is much more difficult as heat always travels from the outside to the inside. When the core is done to a T, the outer layers are often already overdone. As cooking with electromagnetic waves does not brown the surfaces of food, bread can be baked entirely without a crust. For a classic loaf of bread and the roasted aromas in meat, M Chef technology always combines with radiant heat. In this respect, the Dialog oven is ideally equipped as it offers many features of Miele's flagship cooking products, including a user- friendly M Touch display and pyrolytic self-cleaning. Elegant and uniform illumination on all levels is guaranteed for the first time by high-quality LED lighting called BrilliantLight. MIELE APP TRANSFERS RECIPE PARAMETERS STRAIGHT TO DIALOG OVEN The Dialog oven's connectivity promises inspiration and additional cooking pleasure. The recipe feature included in the Miele@mobile app represents an ideal starting point for experimenting and trying out new ideas, as it offers users numerous automatic programs developed specifically for this new product. Alongside food preparation videos and shopping lists, the app also allows the parameters of a recipe to be transferred directly to the machine. This function puts users in direct contact with Miele's laboratory kitchens as recipes which meet with their approval are available as downloads virtually immediately for budding chefs.

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