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November 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM NOVEMBER 2018 18 Users of a Dialog oven will find themselves confronted with two new concepts: Gourmet Units and Intensity. Gourmet Units serve as a unit of energy applied to food, whereby one Gourmet Unit corresponds to one kilojoule. Intensity settings are 'high', 'medium' and 'gentle'. For most foodstuffs, 'high' is the correct choice; 'gentle' is the ideal setting for delicate dishes such as soufflés. 'Gourmet Assistant' and 'Gourmet Pro' support creativity with this new appliance made simpler by automatic programs, without stifling the user's own creativity. For greater individuality, there are two options open to experienced chefs: 'Gourmet Pro' is intended for users with a certain amount of experience and those who like to experiment. In this instance, all parameters such as operating mode, Gourmet Units, intensity and cooking times must be selected manually. The 'Gourmet Assistant' supports the chef by suggesting settings depending on the type and quantity of food to ensure excellent results. The market launch will commence in Germany and Austria in the second quarter of 2018. Visit for more information. NEW VINOTEMP 187-BOTTLE SINGLE- ZONE WINE COOLER FEATURES INDUSTRY-FIRST, PATENT PENDING ACRYLIC WINE RACKING Unique wine racking and a 15-case storage capacity make Vinotemp's newest cooler a wine collector must-have Vinotemp ® , the recognized leader in architectural wine storage solutions and cooling technology, has launched the Vinotemp 187-bottle single-zone wine cooler. Featuring industry-first, patent pending acrylic wine racking, Vinotemp BioBlu ™ light-emitting diode (LED) interior lighting, and storage for over 15 cases of wine – the new cooler is a visually stunning wine storage must-have for medium to large-sized wine collections. "From storage capacity to technology and visual aesthetics, Vinotemp is committed to continuing to push the envelope in wine cooler design. And our newest cooler, the 187-bottle single-zone wine cooler, is no exception," states India Hynes, CEO of Vinotemp. "We've had a great response to recent innovations in interior lighting and wine racking, and our newest cooler pays homage to both by leveraging our most popular LED interior lighting option, and further accentuating it with the addition of acrylic." Featuring a seamless door with all-glass technology, security lock, and Vinotemp BioBlu ™ LED interior lighting (which helps reduce the growth of bacteria and mold), the newest addition to Vinotemp's unparalleled wine cooler offering also includes: • Patent-pending wine racking — The cooler is equipped with six pullout black metal wine racks featuring a patent-pending acrylic lip. The acrylic enhances the cooler's visual aesthetic by capturing and further highlighting the Vinotemp BioBlu ™ LED interior lighting. • Bulk storage — Manufactured to properly store large wine collections, each wine rack is designed to support numerous bottles/rows of wine. A bulk storage area at the bottom of the cooler accommodates additional and/or oddly shaped bottles. • Customizable temperature control — An adjustable 27-degree temperature range (41-68°F) allows users to select a proper, customized storage climate and serving temperature for light or dark wines. Visit to learn more about Vinotemp's new 187-bottle single-zone wine cooler. I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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