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One of television's most prominent personalities, Chris Harrison is known worldwide as the host of The Bachelor—a ratings winner since its debut in 2002—and a host of spin-offs. But horse racing fans know Harrison as one of the original hosts of T VG. Where does his love of racing come from, and will he be at this year's Breeders' Cup? We caught up with a busy Harrison on the set of The Bachelor to find out. By SUE FINLEY CH: Oh, yeah. It's definitely the same thing as a sporting event or a horse race. You've got your frontrunners who come out early, who go out too fast and try to lose it, and then you have those that treat it as the marathon that it is and not a sprint, so it's very much a horse race. TDN: One of your earliest jobs was at TVG. Do you ever find yourself handicapping The Bachelor field at the beginning of a new season?

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