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BonuPrint Biogrund US, Inc. BonuTab Biogrund US, Inc. BonuWax Biogrund US, Inc. Bosspak Romaco North America Inc. BP-10/11 CU-4 Mendel Co. BP-2/3 CU-3 Mendel Co. BryPAC Bry-Air, Inc. BUC Bohle Uni Cone L.B. Bohle, LLC Bulk-Out Flexicon Corp. C Cableflow Spiroflow Systems, Inc. Cadmach CMC Machinery LLC - Cadmach Calipharm A Innophos, Inc. Calipharm D Innophos, Inc. Camtain Camfil Air Pollution Control Cap-Ability Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. Capmul Abitec Corp. Caprol Abitec Corp. Capryol Gattefossé USA Capstech Capsules Genex Bio-Tech USA CapsuJet Hanningfield Process Systems CapsuLac Meggle USA, Inc. Capsylon Bosch Packaging Technology Captex Abitec Corp. Carbowax Sentry The Dow Chemical Co. CCS Compression Components & Service, LLC Cellactose Meggle USA, Inc. Cellactose 80 Meggle Group Cellets Glatt Pharmaceutical Services Celny HPC Nisso America, Inc. Celny Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Barrington Nutritionals Centri-Sifter Kason Corp. Certicoat Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc. Certiseal Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc. Cetus Two Square Science CF-2P Piston Filler Capmatic CF-2P Vacuum Filler Capmatic CFS 1200 Lonza—Capsugel CFS 1500 C Lonza—Capsugel Chainflow Spiroflow Systems, Inc. Chewels Patheon, Inc. CIVCore(r) Mettler-Toledo Safeline Clean-N-Vac Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. CleanStar Capmatic Cleanswitch RTO Babcock & Wilcox Megtec Clearbraid Kuriyama of America, Inc. CombiLac Meggle USA, Inc. CombiLac Meggle Group Compact Airlock Sieve Russell Finex, Inc. CompactCel Biogrund US, Inc. Compactrol JRS Pharma Compritol Gattefossé USA Computrac Arizona Instrument, LLC Coni-Snap gelatin capsules Lonza—Capsugel Coni-Snap Sprinkle capsules Lonza—Capsugel ConiWitt Frewitt Manufacturer of Machines, Ltd. A AB Plus Mocon, Inc. Accel Microcrystalline Cellulose Barrington Nutritionals Accela-Cota Thomas Engineering, Inc. Acconon Abitec Corp. Accurofill Capmatic Accurofill-SH Capmatic Acrilok Acrison, Inc. Acrocell Barrington Nutritionals ActiFlow Coperion K-Tron Actimask Acetaminophen SPI Pharma Actimask Ibuprofen SPI Pharma AD-2000 Acrison, Inc. Advantose SPI Pharma Aerocon Vac-U-Max Aeroflex Vac-U-Max Aeroflow Spiroflow Systems, Inc. Affinisol Dow Pharma & Food Solutions Affinisol The Dow Chemical Co. AHCOHOL Acme-Hardesty Alpha Capmatic Analysette Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc. AqualonTM CMC Ashland, Inc. AquaPolish Biogrund US, Inc. AquariusTM film coating systems Ashland, Inc. AquaSolveTM HPMCAS Ashland, Inc. AR Caps CapsCanada Arbocel JRS Pharma ARC CapPlus Technologies, Inc. Arctiko STEQ America, LLC ASAP Micromeritics Instrument Corp. AstaPure Natural Astaxanthin Barrington Nutritionals Auto-Mate Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. Autocolt NJM Packaging AutoProof Pro Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. Autosert NJM Packaging AutoVision Microscan Systems, Inc. AZI Arizona Instrument, LLC B BambinoStar Capmatic BandStar Capmatic Batchlok Acrison, Inc. BD-3000 Mendel Co. BeltStar Capper Capmatic BeltStar Re-Torquer Capmatic BenecelTM HPMC Ashland, Inc. BetterWeigh Metalfab, Inc. BFM fitting Powder-Solutions Inc. BIO-tract Nutraceutix, Inc. BIO-V Biocaps Enterprises, Inc. BIO-VXR Biocaps Enterprises, Inc. BlanoseTM CMC Ashland, Inc. Block-Buster Flexicon Corp. Blow Thru Sieve Russell Finex, Inc. BonuCel Biogrund US, Inc. BonuLac Biogrund US, Inc. trade name directory Tablets & Capsules November 2018 119

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