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2018 Dome 55.1

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markeTPlace 2018 marble snowFlake ornamenT This beautifully crafted 24 kt. gold finished ornament features the marble removed from the east front steps in the 1995-96 renovations, ground into a fine powder and combined with fine resin to form a cameo of the United States Capitol dome surrounded by an octago- nal marble frame. (3" x 3") Made in America! #003027 $26.00 Members $23.40 2018 bUlFinch dome ornamenT Two-dimensional holiday enamelled 24 kt. ornament features the Bulfinch Dome and the Capitol Dome designed by Thomas U. Walter as it appears today in the foreground. (3" x 3") #003027 $22.00 Members $19.80 2019 "we, The PeoPle" calendar Our award-winning "We the People" calendar showcases the talents of local professional pho- tographers. The calendar presents 12 color pho- tographs featuring interior and exterior images of the Capitol and Washington, DC monuments. It has become a treasured collectible to many because of the annual themes commemorating historic events in American history. The 2019 edition commemorative theme is "Steaming into History" and contains historic daily factoid nota- tions from 200 years ago. (Available with lip for custom programs. Contact Vincent Scott @ 202-543-8919, ext. 33). #003025 $10.95 Members $9.86 57 THE CAPITOL DOME

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