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DECEMBER 2018 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 9 R&B Wholesale Distributors, Inc. Celebrates its 50 TH ANNIVERSARY A T T H E H E A R T O F R & B W H O L E S A L E D I S T R I B U T O R S , I N C . I S I T S F A M I LY . F R O M I T S B E G I N N I N G I N 1 9 6 8 T O T O D A Y , T H E A P P L I A N C E A N D C O M M E R C I A L R E S T A U R A N T E Q U I P M E N T D I S T R I B U T I O N B U S I N E S S S E T D O W N I T S R O O T S W I T H T H E V A L U E S T H A T G R O W A N E M P I R E : T R E A T Y O U R C U S T O M E R S L I K E F A M I LY A N D W A T C H Y O U R B U S I N E S S T H R I V E . EQUIPMENT 1987 R&B/Adasen moves from South Gate into a 40,000 square foot facility in Chino, CA. 1988 R&B Appliance Delivery Division is created and begins home appliance installations for companies like Price Club (now Costco). 1991 Adasen of AZ becomes a Crosley Distributor, moves into a larger distribution facility. 1995 R&B acquires G&S Distributors, the Crosley Distributor in Southern CA. 1998 G&S and Adasen of AZ become Zenith and Sanyo Distributors and both Adasens become Sharp Commercial Microwave Distributors. 1994 R&B expands into Builder/ Multihousing/ Property Management Sales; becomes a Frigidaire Builder Distributor. 2002 All companies under the R&B Appliance umbrella are renamed R&B Wholesale Distributors, Inc. (R&B). R&B opens a distribution facility in Northern CA. (continued)

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