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By JOE BIANCA "Thanks for bringing the weather with you." I'm in the sprawling metropolis of Houston, Texas, and it is indeed feeling like New Jersey: 53 degrees and drizzly. Walking into the headquarters of Texas Crude Energy, the first thing I notice is how much smaller the office is than expected. The second is the disarming personality and dry Texan humor that has seeped into the company's South- ern California-bred president and CEO, Peter Fluor. You wouldn't know it by the three-story office building and its modest team of 40 employees, but this is the nerve center of an enterprise that holds its own with some of their Texas neighbors, America's energy behemoths. It's also the home base of Speedway Stable, a venture started by Fluor and his partner and friend K.C. Weiner in the fall of 2014 that began with two splashy auction purchases of ready-made runners and has quickly blossomed into a multi-faceted racing and breeding operation. And it's not

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