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JOURNEY | 2 memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today." So it is with your grandchildren, isn't it? We are ready. Our grown children are ready to see more of us, too. The feeling is mutual. In addition, several writing projects are on hold, which I am eager to tackle. Of course, Kay hopes to make the Old Man travel a bit, as well. One of her hobbies is travel; one of mine is returning home. Please allow us to thank, first, our loving God of grace and surprises for the totally undeserved, but deeply meaningful joy of serving here with you at C-N. What an honor that Christ called us to follow Him here! Secondly, our heartfelt thanks extend to the Presidential Search Committee and the Board of Trustees for your confidence in our shared servant-leadership of this sacred school. We remain eternally grateful for the sacred trust. Thirdly, God consistently sent outstanding senior administrative leadership to our cabinet level posts. How thankful we are for each of our executive team members and your gifted service across these 10 years! Fourthly, no president could hope for a better Executive Assistant than Elizabeth J. Miller, who consistently administers a professional president's office. Kay and I thank you greatly for your partnership in excellence and friendly service! Fifthly, since it is not possible for a university to be stronger than her faculty and staff, a huge debt of gratitude is owed these faithful heroes, who make Carson- Newman who she is. The joy of serving alongside you has been all ours. Sixthly, our students, parents, alumni, retired faculty and staff, donors, Tennessee Baptists and Convention affiliation, community churches, neighbors, media friends, military partnership, auxiliary campus partners, governmental leaders, Women of Vision, and all other esteemed constituencies receive our highest praise FROM THE PRESIDENT

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