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3 | JOURNEY and gratitude for your trust, support, and friendship. We thank each of you for the joy of being family with you these past 10 years, and into the future together, as well. Seventh, and lastly, (humble First Lady, Kay, gets no veto vote on this last word, does she?), whenever the day arrives, when Carson-Newman University officially names her first woman president, let the record show that from 2008- 2018, C-N was previously served by a de facto woman co-president, First Lady, Kay, by far the more capable and Spirit-kissed of the husband- wife team of that decade. Without you, Kay, there would have been no Randall as president, nor Carson-Newman where she is today. Thank you for being you, for your beautiful person and work. Now for you, dear university family, there is also, "a time for every event under heaven." This, too, is "beautiful in its time." Now is the time for you to give another blessed couple the privilege of serving with you at Carson-Newman. God will surely bring the right teammates to you. Their gifts will help you take our beloved school of providence and prayer to the next level of excellence. The days are exciting! Let us all march boldly into the future following Christ, while heeding the words of Scripture: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." (Proverbs 3) It is with full confidence in the providential guidance of God, that Kay and I announce our retirement from Carson-Newman University, effective December 31, 2018. Thank you for 10 beautiful years of joy! The future is bright for Carson-Newman. With our eternal love, prayers and gratitude,

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