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POWDER COATING December 2018 Volume 29 Number 6 Powder Coating [ISSN 1055-0259] (print) is published 6 times a year in February, April, June, September, October, and December by CSC Publishing, Inc., 1155 Northland Dr., St Paul, MN 55120. Periodical postage paid at St Paul, MN, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Powder Coating, 1155 Northland Dr., St Paul, MN 55120. Visit our website at www.pcoating.com 4 Glossary of Powder Coating Terms When you read and hear unfamiliar industry terms, you can turn to this glossary for help. It defines terms unique to the powder coating industry as well as those adapted from the liquid coatings and plastics industries. 6 Glossary of Color Measuring Terms If you're stumped by a color-measurement term or just need a quick check to refresh your memory, you can refer to this handy glossary. It lists some of the more common terms used in measuring color. 7 Powder Coatings Coverage Chart Do you need to find out how many square feet of coverage you can get per pound of powder? Find the answer quickly with this easy-to-use coverage chart. 8 Powder Coatings Cost Chart Do you need to know the cost per square foot of powder coverage? Turn to this useful chart for a fast way to find your answer. 10 Glossary of Raw Materials Terms This glossary is a compilation of terms defined in various articles on raw materials published in the magazine from 1990-2018. 12 Powder Coating System Efficiency Chart Want to find out how efficient your powder coating application system is? This chart will provide the answer. 13 Industry Associations and Societies Thinking of joining an industry association? Use this list to find names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email and website addresses of industry associations. 18 2019 Conferences and Courses Calendar Looking for shows to attend or exhibit your products at? Or per- haps you need to increase your understanding of powder coatings. This list of industry conferences and courses held throughout 2018 will help you reach your goals. 23 Fraction-to-Decimal-to-Metric Conversion Chart Here's a quick and easy way to convert fractions into deci- mal and metric, and vice versa. 24 Powder Coatings Troubleshooting Guide This handy table lists the causes and remedies for some common defects in powder coating finishes. 25 Powder Coating Overview Nick Liberto, P.E. This article explains the powder coating process and disproves the major myths preventing liquid-to-powder conversions. 32 Index to Articles and Authors, 1990-2018 If you're a recent subscriber who wants to catch up on articles pub- lished in Powder Coating before your subscription started or you're a longtime subscriber who can't remember which issue an article ran in, you'll find this index useful. It lists all the articles we've published by subject and author. 70 Products and Services Used by Companies that Apply Powder Coatings This section covers more than 90 categories of products and services used by companies that apply powder coatings. Check it to find companies that sell the products and services you need. 102 Products and Services Used by Powder Coatings Manufacturers If you make powder coatings, you can refer to this section for the names of companies that sell products and services you use. More than 25 categories are included. 106 Trade Name Directory Do you know a product's trade name (brand name) but not the name of the company that makes it? This product list provides the names of manufacturers of many trade-named products used in the powder coating industry. 110 Company Listings This section lists addresses, including email and website, and telephone, fax, and 800 num- bers for more than 500 companies that supply powder coating products and services. Reference Resource Buyer's Resource Cover 3 Classified Advertising Cover 3 Advertisers' Index How to use the 2019 Reference & Buyer's Resource

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