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32 POWDER COATING, December 2018 A-coat and powder technology Case history: —Coater improves finish and process w i t h p o w d e r a n d a - c o a t c o m b o . (Valley Coating Services, Fountain, Minn.) September 2002, p. 66. Acrylic resins Innovations in GMA acrylic powder coatings. Szuping Lu. February 2013, p. 20. Air blow-off Effective air-blow-off applications in p o w d e r c o a t i n g . H o m e r F a g e r . November 2004, p. 14. Air showers Using clean rooms and air showers to banish contaminants from your clothes, powder line, and finish. Thomas C. Ottney. March 1997, p. 37. Aluminum extrusions Powder coatings poised for major growth in the US architectural market. Dave Heflin. October 2006, p. 13. Architectural showcase: The skyscrap- er's the limit for architectural powder coating. (Schunck, Windsor Metal Finishing, Maars, Kessebohmer.) October 2006, p. 18. Will your coating last and withstand its purpose? Karl Rijkse, Burkhard Maier, and Ramoo Puru. October 2006, p. 21. Architectural showcase: Architectural powder coating: The perfect building b l o c k . ( A r c h i - T e x t u r e F i n i s h i n g , PorterCorp, Herbert S. Newman and Partners, Mayne Coatings.) October 2007, p. 14. Architectural certification at Pilkington Metal Finishing. Michael Nuttall. October 2007, p. 17. Architectural showcase: Architectural powder coating—the tall and the short of it. (TIGER Drylac, Belco.) October 2009, p. 12. Architectural showcase: Powder coat- ing reaches new heights in architec- tural market. (Futureguard Building Products, Quality Powder Coating, Powder Coating Technologies.) August 2010, p. 16. A r c h i t e c t u r a l c o a t e r s p o t l i g h t : NanaWall Systems showcases its pow- der coated open glass wall systems for the architectural market. (NanaWall Systems, Mill Valley, Calif.) August 2011, p. 16. Sustainable finishing solutions: A paradigm shift. Greg Yahn, August 2011, p. 25. Architectural showcase: California powder coater's work seen across the nation—from Chicago to the White H o u s e l a w n . ( S u n D i a l P o w d e r Coatings.) August 2012, p. 12. Architectural powder coater spotlight: Three companies showcase their re- markable architectural powder coating projects. (R. Michael Art & Design, Americana Building Products, Testo.) August 2013, p. 14. Architectural powder coater spotlight. (LEED HIMMEL INDUSTRIES, AR Iron.) August 2014, p. 16. Architectural powder coater spotlight 2015. (Southern Aluminum Finishing, Gordon Inc.) August 2015, p. 14. Architectural powder coater spotlight 2 0 1 6 . ( L A U R C O A T , H e n t z e n Coatings.) August 2016, p. 12. Architectural powder coater spotlight 2017. (Quaker Windows & Doors, Digger Specialties, Trojan Powder Coating.) August 2017, p. 12. Architectural powder coater spotlight 2018. (Maui Powder Works, Westside Finishing Co., Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings.) August 2018, p. 16. Case histories: —A manufacturer jumps off the fence to bring a powder line in house. (Digger Specialties, Bremen, Ind.) October 2005, p. 16. —Coater builds its success by powder coating for the architectural market- place. (Architectural Powder Choice, Claxton, Ga.) October 2006, p. 26. —Upgrading to an automatic powder system takes extruder to the next l e v e l . ( H y d r o A l u m i n u m , S t . Augustine, Fla.) October 2007, p. 28. —Vertical integration leads to horizon- tal expansion. (Crystal Extrusion Systems, Union, Mo.) Steve Foley. March 2008, p. 30. —Midwest powder coater waltzes into the major leagues by building a solid reputation coating large parts for his- toric projects. (Extreme Powder Coating, Blooming Prairie, Minn.) Peggy M. Koop. August 2010, p. 27. —It's tough, it's metal, it's powder-coat- ed, and it's always smiling. (Tube- D u d e a n d C r e a t i v e C o a t i n g s , Sarasota, Fla.) Peggy M. Koop. August 2011, p. 20. Appliance coating Answering the appliance industry's fin- i s h i n g n e e d s i n t h e ' 9 0 s . D a l e Thompson. April 1992, p. 19. Blank coating—where it stands in the U S a p p l i a n c e i n d u s t r y . D a l e Thompson. April 1992, p. 27. The next frontier in appliance powder coatings. Scott Dennis. October 1997, p. 29. Appliance pretreatment: An evolving process. George Trigg. October 1997, p. 36. Advancements in powder coil coating speed up. Randy Froehlich. October 1997, p. 40. UV-durability of appliance powder coat- ings: Chemistry makes a difference. Scott Dennis. October 1998, p. 31. Flat-line powder coatings of blanks—a s y s t e m s p e r s p e c t i v e . C o l i n K . Drummond. October 1998, p. 39. Trends in appliance powder coatings— part I. Scott Dennis and Champ Bowden. October 2000, p. 25. Case history: —Metal fabricator succeeds at powder coating galvanneal panels after years of trial and error. (Serra-Enterprise Div., Van Nuys, Calif.) October 2000, p. 32. Plant tours: —Company's blank-coated steel full of promise as GE washing machines. ( I n d u s t r i a l P o w d e r C o a t i n g s , Louisville, Ky.) Jean Thilmany. October 1996, p. 38. —Switch to powder stops rejects cold for freezer maker. (Frigidaire, Freezer Products, St. Cloud, Minn.) Jean Thilmany. October 1996, p. 44. Index to Articles and Authors Volumes 1-29, 1990-2018

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