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What the O'Hallorans don't grow themselves, they source from local Montana producers. "The over-arching theme is 'from our hands to yours,'" Brandon explains. "It is truly farm-to-fork food." The Trout also hosts open mic nights for local writers and musicians, provides free WIFI, and is well-known as an inclusive gathering place where people can come together to share ideas, he adds. The Rising Trout Café and Bookstore is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Phone: 535-4999 Text by Holly Matkin • Photography by Jim Wells LEWISTOWN, MONTANA SiG MT 12 URBAN AFFAIRS Neighborhoods For two decades, Tammy Hardt dreamed about the fiber arts store she longed to open one day – the vibrant bolts of fabric, the variety of classes and projects she would offer, and the endless supply of creativity her customers would bring with them when they visited her shop. Two years ago, with the help of her family, Tammy renovated the historic Empire Café site and turned her dreams into reality. "We're not your grandmother's quilt store," she says teasingly. "People love to come in and check out what's new." With over 3,000 square feet of color, textures, and possibilities at your fingerprints, you're sure to be inspired. "We want this to be a peaceful, comfortable space where people can come to experience fiber arts," Tammy explains. "The people make it!" The Confluence of Coffee and Community Rising Trout Café - Brandon & Mariah O'Halloran•217 West Main Street Known as "The Trout" by locals, the Rising Trout Café and Bookstore has become Lewistown's hotspot for customers in search of homemade baked goods, locally- sourced produce, and organically-grown Montana meats. They even roast and grind their organic coffee beans on-site, and serve up a tantalizing array of artesian soups made from scratch. "It's a very friendly, welcoming place where some people stay for hours," says Brandon O'Halloran, who owns and operates The Trout alongside his wife, Mariah. Much of the O'Hallorans' connectivity to the wholesome, high-quality foods they serve at The Trout is established back on their 2,200-acre farm and ranch, where they produce many of the ingredients featured in their handcrafted meals. "The best part is seeing the results of all of the labor," Brandon says. "It is very satisfying to see what we have made walk out the door." Erin Martinez and the rest of the crew at The Trout have freshly-brewed organic coffee at the ready. Inspiring Creativity Stitch By Stitch Sew Pieceful - Tammy Hardt • 214 West Main Street Homemade baked goods are a hot commodity for The Trout customers. Tammy's fiber arts store is her own dream come true. S MT

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