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"I can't see the future, but what we're doing right now is not the end goal at all," Barton said on a gloriously sunny winter day in California. "This is not good enough." Exactly what Barton is doing right now is impressive by any standard. On July 31, 2017, her family closed on the 200-acre former Magali Farms and they have hit the ground running. Nestled in the bucolic valley of Santa Ynez, far from the bright lights of Los Angeles, and rechristened Bar ton Thoroughbreds, the farm is surrounded by wineries and vineyards at every turn. The picturesque, rolling hills are also dotted with horse farms – sport horses, Icelandic horses, Arabians, miniature horses, and, yes, Thoroughbreds. Located about 15 miles inland and just northwest of Santa Barbara, the sophisticated but laid-back area was most aptly described by President Ronald Reagan when he said, "If it's not heaven, it's at least in the same zip code." His beloved ranch was famously not far from here.

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