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"It's very, very tough," said Bar ton. "In terms of selecting the right sale and the right time, it's difficult right now and I think this past year has been especially difficult for California with the un- cer tainty of Barrett's. I'm hopeful for the future though. I think this next year is probably going to be a growing year with the first time that they're doing the Fasig sale and the first time at Santa Anita, but I can't think of a better location than to put these horses under the trainers' noses." Barton and her family have been investing in mares, primarily at Keeneland's November sale, who are in foal to Kentucky stallions. They bring the mares west to foal in California and then breed back to a California sire to take advantage of the Cal-bred incentives. Some of the mares they do eventually ship back to Kentucky to draw from the deep pool of top stallions there. They currently have plans to breed about 10 in Kentucky this year while keeping the mares with Matt Koch at his Shawhan Place. Most of the more commercial off- spring they will sell, but they're not afraid to race them if they don't bring a fair price. "We plan to race every year," said Barton. "We want to race. We love racing. I think that's one of my dad's favorite parts." And while Barton admits 2018 wasn't their best racing year, she's seen enough in her few years in the industry to appreciate that it's all cyclical. "Every year it starts all over," she said. "So, if you kind of have a slump in a year, you know you have new ones coming in. Reload and see what you have. I get as much joy to watch horses we bred and sold win as I do when we own them. If you sold a horse for decent money and they're out winning races and you have the factory – the mare – still, I think everyone wins."

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