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owner $25, but the cost to provide the service is $100, a net loss of $75. "The first time we came here, a woman called and wanted to make a donation, but wanted to be assured that the money would stay here and not got to Coachella," Scherer says. "We keep all the money separate for the two areas in their own accounts." "I think the most important thing about SNIP is that it's about community," says Scherer. "It's about the girl in Soledad who created a Facebook page and made a $400 donation for her birthday. It's about the guy who works at Dole who wrote a personal check to fund one day of the clinic. It's about that boy that put an extra $20 in the fund when he came to get his dog spayed." Scherer's goal is to be able to provide two or three days of spay and neuter clinics every week. "But that will take a lot of funding to make that happen. So, for now, we just put one paw in front of the other." To learn more, including upcoming SNIP bus spay/neuter clinic times and locations and how to help the cause, visit Melanie Scherer personally attends many, if not most of the SNIP bus clinics in Monterey County and Coachella Valley. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. 180 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • W I N T E R 2 0 1 9

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