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and Douglas Fir," Chase says. "Now that lumber industry is gone." He's tracked down suitable— and sustainable—woods in Kentucky and Africa for the project. This is a labor of love for Gregg and his team, and he's committed to seeing it through. "The only way to get people interested is to get the boat back together myself," he muses. "Then I think people will step up to the plate and help out with the educational programs." The Western Flyer's rebirth is not merely a successful man's vanity project. "I'm not a super sentimental person; I'm not doing this because it's a cool thing," Gregg says. "If you get 100 kids on the boat, you're going to stimulate a lifelong interest in science in six or seven of them." For more information about The Western Flyer Foundation, visit (above) The boat under tow to Port Townsend, WA in 2013. (below, left to right) Restoration team members Brad Seamans, Leigh O'Connor, Greg Friedrichs and Pete Rust are employing old-world shipbuilding techniques to the project. C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • W I N T E R 2 0 1 9 187 Photo: Courtesy of The Western Flyer Foundation Photo: Chris Chase

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