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214 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • W I N T E R 2 0 1 9 explore a lot of different styles." Beers fermented at Hill's Carmel location will have the added benefit of Yeast of Eden's open ferment vessel. It is basically a stainless steel tub in a glassed-in room that sits between the bar and the kitchen. A ventilation system allows Carmel's foggy air to enter and mingle with the beer, introducing wild yeast to impar t a uniquely Carmel taste into every batch. The beer will then be transferred to an American white oak barrel for aging. Six 150-gallon bar- rels are on-site at Yeast of Eden, located in an intimate alcove off the main dining area, bring- ing a touch of rustic charm to the modern and clean aesthetic. One of Hill's biggest concerns is ensuring din- ers can learn about the brewpub's focus. "Anyone coming in with a taste for mixed fer- ments will probably find something to like on draft. To help introduce those who aren't familiar, we greet guests with a splash of our Skeptics & Believers, which won a Great American Beer Festival bronze medal in 2017. It's really fruity, with nice acidity, that crisp and dry factor, and is Spicy beef vermicelli and red curry duck provide a hearty and hot counterpart to the tart and dry beers Yeast of Eden brews, which have very high carbonation. Other styles of beer are also available.

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