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Carmel's Glacier Bar Helps Clients Chill Out and Heal B Y B R E T T W I L B U R I nside Carmel's new Glacier Bar & Beauty Lab, owner Jessica Braiker directs clients to the latest "biohacking" treatments. Sleek, mod- ern machines use light, intense cold, and electro- magnetic field technology to lessen inflamma- tion, reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, and fight acne and wrinkles. With a background in the medical beauty industry, Braiker chose top-of-the-line equip- ment to help athletes and everyday warriors recover from joint pain, increase energy, and improve the appearance of the skin. Many clients come daily to step into the Titan Cryotherapy Chamber for a few minutes, cooled by liquid nitrogen to a chilly negative 180 degrees Fahrenheit. "It's not that cold," Braiker jokes, as she en- courages a client, decked out in socks, slippers and gloves, to dance in the chamber and focus on something other than the subzero temps. "NFL players tend to go down to negative 220 degrees." The "trifecta" treatment that Braiker recom- mends includes cryotherapy and time on the Bemer, which relaxes tight muscles and improves blood flow with pulsed electromag- netic field technology, and the Lightstim Bed, which is approved by the FDA to help increase circulation and release nitric oxide through red LED lights. She also offers spot treatments with Cryoskin, a machine that uses cold therapy to help the body break down fat, and Celluma, which has three different wavelengths of near- infrared light to treat acne, wrinkles or scars. "The body starts to naturally heal itself," Braiker says. Glacier Bar is located at 26135 Carmel Rancho Blvd., Suite F-21 in Carmel. For more information, call 831/250-5874 or go to SHORTCUTS HEALTH Jessica Braiker opened Glacier Bar & Beauty Lab, which offers cryotherapy, LED light treatments and electromagnetic field technology to reduce inflammation and pain. 90 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • W I N T E R 2 0 1 9 Photo:Keli Uldall

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