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COVER STORY Who Should Be Your Lubrication Technician? By William Jacobyansky, Strategic Maintenance Consortium 6 | November - December 2018 | www . 6 | January - February 2019 | www . Ma ny indu stria l ma intena nce departments put inexperienced people in the position of lubrica- tion technician. They make the mistake of assuming that because lubrication tasks appear to be simple that being a lube tech is simple. is is supported by human resources (HR) professionals who seek gateways for maintenance personnel and to keep payrolls as low as possible. is article will discuss the benefits of having a knowledgeable and well-trained lubrication technician as well as the qualities you should look for when filling this key position. Not a Gateway Position The work of an industrial lubrication technician is seen by many as a simple job that doesn't require specific knowledge and therefore is not deserving of a high pay grade. Because of this, it is often used as a gateway to bring new people into maintenance. e premise is simple: get motivated but inexperi- enced individuals into the department where they can start to learn about machinery and maintenance skills while the company is able to get production from them as they perform simple lubrication tasks. e position is also frequently used as a pre-retirement post to entice a seasoned technician who nobody

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