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20 | January - February 2019 | www . Th e " Lub e -Tips " se c tion of M a ch i n e r y Lu b ricatio n magazin e feature s innovative ideas submit te d by our rea der s . Gearbox Magnets Can Be Helpful In enclosed gear drives with either splash or circulation systems, a magnetic plug or magnetic filter will help collect harmful wear debris. For splash systems, use a magnetic plug or a magnet in the bottom of the case. For circulation systems, a magnetic filter can be used. Removing wear debris can help extend oil and machine life. Wear debris can also be examined upon removal for troubleshooting purposes. ML Sources of Copper in Oil Typical sources of copper within an engine include wrist pin bushings, thrust washers, oil pumps, governors, valve train bushings, cam bushings, oil coolers and bearings. Copper can also be an anti-wear additive in some oils. Additionally, high copper readings may occur during the run-in of a new engine (say, after 500 to 1,000 hours of service) and when changing from one brand of an oil to another. Every Drop of Oil Counts Up to 5 gallons of oil could remain in a drum of oil that is sitting on its side while being drained through a bung. Consider tipping the drum to get the remaining oil out. If you figure that the oil costs $4 a gallon, a waste of 5 gallons per drum on one drum each month will end up costing you $240 a year. e savings can really add up if your company uses multiple drums each month. Getting a Handle on Oil Drums Proper handling of oil drums is important. Drums aren't designed to be bounced or dropped. Full drums weigh approximately 450 pounds, while empty drums weigh around 36 to 38 pounds. A pail of oil weighs about 40 pounds. Have Some Tips? Did You Know ? If you have a tip to share, email it to e ditor@ noria .com . Additional tips c an b e found in our Lub e -Tips email n ewslet ter. To re ceive th e Lub e -Tips n ewslet ter, subscrib e now at M a ch i n e r yLu b ric at io n .co m . LUBE-TIPS

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