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22 | January - February 2019 | www . PARTICLE COUNTER e AvCount Lube particle counter from Stanhope-Seta is designed for testing oils with a viscosity of up to 200 square millimeters per second (mm 2 /s). e instrument comprises two modules: the Sample Delivery System (SDS) and the Particle Counter Module (PCM). e PCM can be used independently as a portable instrument for testing light lubri- cants and oils with a viscosity up to 64 mm 2 /s. With a simple test procedure, 3-minute test time and user-friendly features, the particle counter requires minimal operator skill or expertise. Stanhope-Seta +44 (0) 1932-564391 OIL DRAIN VALVE e EZ Oil Drain Valve is engineered to replace your engine's stock oil drain plug for clean and easy oil changes. No tools are required. Simply lift and turn the lever to drain the oil. Return the lever, and it locks closed. A small amount of oil can be obtained for oil analysis even while the engine is running. An optional hose end connects to a hose to drain oil into a remote receptacle. EZ Oil Drain Valve 425-999-1200 SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL e new Amazon Basics synthetic motor oil is intended to be a step-up from synthetic blends while offering effective lubrication that helps protect an engine's moving parts. Formulated for longer drain intervals and to decrease the likelihood of low-speed pre-ignition, the motor oil is designed to create a protective coating that reduces wear on engine components. It also provides resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown while fighting volatility burn-off, which can reduce engine deposits and exhaust emissions. Amazon 800-825-1235 METALWORKING FLUID e new Total Folia metalworking fluid from Total Specialties USA is formulated to provide high cooling and lubricating properties for a variety of operations. Free of mineral oils and emulsifiers, the bio-sourced fluid is intended to offer productivity gains, reduc- tion of process stops, longer tool life and reduced operating costs. It features a long lifespan, is less hazardous to the environment than many other metalworking fluids and allows normal waste treatment methods to be applied. Total Specialties USA 800-323-3198 1 2 3 4 PRODUCT NEWS 3 2 4 1

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