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PRODUCT NEWS CLEAR-TUBE GREASE GUN The UltraView clear-tube grease guns have a clear barrel to allow for proper identification of the grease type inside, helping to prevent cross-contamination. The guns are equipped with a high-tolerance aluminum headcap, a heavy-duty follower spring and large rolled threads for quick and clean reloading. The clear tubes are sold separately in seven colors. The different colors can coordinate with various pieces of equipment to help ensure the proper grease is used on the correct equipment. Plews/Lubrimatic 800-545-1689 OIL SAMPLING SYSTEM The Simplified Oil Sampling (SOS) system allows technicians to collect a lubricating oil sample on internal combustion engines without the need to run the engine just prior to sampling. The system, which is plumbed into the machinery's oil circulation system, consists of a housing head with removable reservoir. The head is designed to deliver a flow of oil to the reservoir in a manner to sufficiently disperse all contaminants in the reservoir so the remaining sample is representative of the oil within the machinery. Simplified Oil Sampling 888-775-3820 BIODEGRADABLE COATINGS Cortec's EcoLine 3220 and 3690 are bio-based, biodegradable coatings developed to replace oil-based rust preventatives. EcoLine 3220 is a canola-oil-based coating that provides a temporary film that clings to metal surfaces, while EcoLine 3690 contains canola oil as a carrier and offers open-air corrosion protection. Both products are designed for extended temporary protection of multi-metals and can be easily removed using a bio-based surface cleaner/degreaser. As a green replacement for mineral oils, they provide corrosion protection while being environmentally safe and non-hazardous. Cortec 651-429-1100 22 January - February 2013 | OIL SAMPLING KIT The Transformer Oil Sampling Kit can be used for performing dissolved gas in oil analysis and breakdown voltage tests. Each kit consists of a glass syringe, nylon stopcock, Tygon tubing with connector and padded carrying cases. The syringes, which are available in capacities from 1 to 100 milliliters, are designed for drawing samples of oil used in transformers and testing for properties such as moisture, dielectric strength, etc., in order to monitor the quality of the oil and the condition of the equipment. TOSIN 91-9820464003

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