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DVD: It happens all the time. When I'm out with people I always have my ID out ready to show because I know they're going to ask. You should see the way people look at me. I know what they're thinking, 'What is this kid doing at the bar?' It even happens when I go out to dinner. DVD: I'm just into fashion. I kind of got that from living with Mike Smith and seeing the way he dresses. I just really liked how he's always wearing really nice stuff. I took a liking to that and I'm lucky enough that I've made some money so that I can splurge on clothes every once in a while. I really like shoes. TDN: You may be 24, but you look like you're 13. Does that cause you any problems? I don't know if you drink, but do bartenders ever look at you and say, "Yeah, right, kid; get out of here?" TDN: You're known to be a real clothes horse, that you like nice clothes and pricey clothes. That's a bit unusual for someone your age.

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