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DVD: It was my first summer at Del Mar and I was really excited. I had read all the stories about how fun Del Mar is. And I was so lucky that I got to room with Mike Smith in a really nice house down there right by the beach. We had a late night and I was just learning how to drink at that time and I kind of overdid it. I couldn't wake up the next morning. As soon as I did wake up, I saw that the sun was really bright and I said, 'Oh, no.' I looked at my phone and there were a bunch of missed calls from Tom. My heart just sank. I knew I was in trouble. I went to the barn. I figured it would be better to talk to him face to face than calling him because he doesn't like that, you calling him. I took my ass-chewing and he said if you want to keep riding for me, get your stuff and move it into the tack room or else you're fired. I had paid about $7,000 to stay in this nice room all summer, but I wanted to keep my job with him. TDN: You came up under Tom Proctor and he mentored you and helped start your career. But he's also a no- nonsense guy. Tell us about the time he made you sleep in a tack room and why. Van Dyke with Proctor

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