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Spring 2019

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Robert Glazer, founder and CEO, Acceleration Partners and BrandCycle: "I'll equate it to cooking. If you want to create an outstanding dish—even an award-winning dish—that stands the test of time, you want to start with and continue using the best ingredients possible. From a business perspective, those 'ingredients' are the people you hire and choose to partner with." Lisa Lubin, owner, LLmedia: "Home in on your customer, develop a strong brand, and then market yourself and get some media attention. Your product can be amaz- ing, but if no one knows about it, what does it matter?" Robb Powell, president, e-commerce services, Advantage Solutions: "E-commerce isn't just about putting a product online, just like placing a product on a shelf isn't enough to drive adoption. There are many tools to employ, but that doesn't mean just letting some third-party place it online. Pay attention to every aspect; the content, the graphics, reviews, and questions con- sumers are asking you, the search strategy, and the way your brand is handled by the third parties of the world." Robby Riggs, co-founder, Sana Sano Consulting: "Change is the only constant in 2019 and beyond … In today's world, the ability to successfully lead change, and really drive through change, has to become an organizational core competency. It can't just be some- thing that we're good at, or we work through, or ham- mer through. It really has to become something that we're great at. Otherwise, your organization won't last." Josh Wand, founder and CEO, ForceBrands and Pinata: "Now more than ever, employer branding matters. Who you are as a company is directly related to the caliber of talent you attract. Employers should ensure they are being strategic and clear when marketing themselves." For speaker and registration information, visit specialtyfood.com/sfbs. —A.F. Straight from the Source: What You'll Learn at the 2019 Business Summit The 2019 Specialty Food Business Summit is designed to help members grow their business and manage suc- cess and change. In their own words, here are some of the topics that Summit speakers will address during their presentations. Vincent Biscaye, founder, Step Two Advisors LLC: "Access to investment is a common reason that compa- nies fail. In an ideal world, you would want to start your business and run it profitably but it's very hard. If you want to grow fast, capital is the only way to go. In recent years, there has been more capital available to startups than ever before, even in early stages." Susan Brophy, public relations strategist: "Having a strong narrative should be foundational to any market- ing strategy. It helps ensure consistency in messaging, whether you're creating content for your own online channels or telling your brand's story through the media." Katie Butman, vice president of account management, Upshot: "There's a slew of direct-to-consumer brands that have navigated the gap between physical and digi- tal. Many of the well-known brands like Warby Parker, Allbirds, Casper, and Modcloth started as digital brands that found a place at retail, either with their own stores or with retail partners (e.g., Casper at West Elm). These brands, and others succeeding in the DTC space have built an authentic relationship with their consumer built beyond the product with a solid (and social) mission and affordable price." Clayton Christopher, co-founder of Cavu Venture Partners: "Focus on where you want your company to be 10 to 20 years from now and determine what it will take to get there. Don't focus on when you're going to sell your company. The best entrepreneurs are not focused on selling their businesses, they're focused on building lasting brands." Jeff Daniel, vice president of media and analytics, Upshot: "Use the power of your consumer. Welcome and apply the power of today's consumers to directly shape brands with products and services developed via the conversations and feedback made possible on social platforms." Tony Festa, co-founder, Innovative Club Partners: "Club stores like Costco famously pay on time with mini- mum chargebacks if product is delivered on time and in full with no damage or rework necessary. In addition, club stores provide an amazing marketing platform for a brand. You are positioned on a full pallet (most of the time) which gives your brand a dedicated spot next to other pallets." SPRING 2019 23

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