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I f the pen is mightier than the sword, can a paintbrush be more effective than a rifle? It has been three years since British equine artist Freddy Paske swopped one for the other, trading in the tours of far-off lands from his seven years in the army for a barn-turned-makeshift-studio on a friend's farm in Hampshire. On this cold January morning, with the snow falling out- side as he prepares another masterpiece, does he ever stop to reflect on how big a transition it has been? "It's been crazy," he admits with a grin. "I think people come to me because of the way I interpret things. They know I special- ize in racing scenes, and they might tell me the colors they want, or they might say they want Royal Ascot or the Kentucky Derby, but they'll leave it up to me to create the compo- sition, and there's a real element of freedom in that." Crazy is only the beginning. No longer are Paske's days filled with military operations in Afghanistan or Bosnia; instead he battles deadlines, finishes up commissions, plans fu- ture exhibitions and trips to races abroad – purely for meetings and to gain inspiration – and then turns his attentions to his personal life, planning a potential house purchase this summer and his wedding later in the year.

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