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I think that will be exciting, as they can be part of the journey." Are there any possible themes for the De- cember show? "Themes are important and inform the body of work," says Paske. "For me, so far, when I look back at the pieces I've really enjoyed working on, it's those im- pressionistic themes, where you get more movement and color; that is something I'll be trying to move forward. "I also love to play on technology, so some- thing I want to embrace for the show is the idea of the photo finish – such a huge part of racing today. You see a slightly blurred im- age, with horizontal lines, blurred feet, and you're trying to work out where the noses are. It's so iconic of the sport, and an idea I'd love to play with." Whatever the outcome, Paske will only re- lease his work when the time is right. "Peo- ple always ask me, how long does it take to finish a painting? But honestly, it can take anywhere from three days to three weeks," he says. "I never release a work or say it's finished until I'm 100 percent happy with it. But often, to capture that, you have to rework it a few times, and live with it for a bit before you say, 'Okay, I know exactly what's wrong.'" As Paske turns his attention back to his lat- est piece, with a long list of commissions seeing him through most of the year, nothing seems to be going wrong at present. His cre- ative setting could not be more appropriate, with a quick glance out of the barn window revealing three horses in the neighboring field – a suitable muse just a short distance away. For more info, visit

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