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THE CAPITOL DOME 68 MARKETPLACE DOME COOKIE JAR e United States Capitol Dome may well be the most famous man-made landmark in America. It is such a fi tting fi nale for the building it crowns, so familiar and dignifi ed, that it seems surprising that its design and construction came late in the U.S. Capitol's architectural evolution. is ceramic cookie jar (cookies not included) cra ed from the marble removed from the East Front steps during renovations. e marble particles are ground into a fi ne dust and added to the ceramic mold to create this beautifully accurate reproduction of the Capitol Dome. Gi boxed. (10"T x 7 1/2 "W x 7 1/2 "D) #002981 $65.00 Members $58.50 PORCELAIN CAPITOL BOWL Designed especially for the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, this heavy weight porcelain bowl is the perfect presentation piece or gi item. Four images of the Capitol framed in wreaths of green and highlighted with 22kt trim give this bowl a very distinctive look. Gi boxed. (Approximately 8 1/4 "D x 4 1/4 "T) #002419 $150.00 Members $135.00 SIDE VIEWS OF THE BOWL MARBLE TILE MAP COASTERS These custom marble coasters are inspired by the beautiful artwork in the Society's newest publication, Creating Capitol Hill. ese fi ne pieces honor a people's history, culture, art, and architecture. is set of four marble coasters features an antique map of Capitol Hill. (4" x 4" set of 4) #002981 $56.00 Members $50.40

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