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M aintenance and Reliabilit y AS I SEE IT Jim Fitch | Noria Corporation How the IIoT Is Changing Condition Monitoring e industrial internet of things (IIoT) and Indu st r y 4.0 a re a lready unleashing enormous value in plants around the world. It seems that today's younger, digital workforce is the energy that propels this change. Past efforts had been sluggish to say the least. Modern consumer products have put connected devices in our pocket, on our wrist, in our ears, in our car and throughout our home. IoT is projected to deliver between $1.9 and $4.7 trillion of economic value by 2025. e IIoT for asset monitoring is expected to produce $200-$500 billion in economic value by 2025. Condition-based mainte- nance (CBM), involving real-time sensing and predictive maintenance, is viewed as the "easy win" among all IIoT applications. Many new online sensors are being introduced each year (see Figure 1). Condition Control Is the New Game Condition monitoring describes the data collection function needed to sustain machine reliability. Intel- ligent machines and smart factories require the ability to respond and make agile course corrections to this data. Data analytics is the buzz term related to converting data into smart, actionable information. When used to foretell a future event, it often is referred to as predictive analytics. Either way, it takes condition moni- toring one step further — a very important step. is could be called condition analysis. However, we're not done, as we need the response piece. is is the function of doing something action- able (real-time course corrections) with this information. is is called condition response. But we're still not done. We now need to return "e IIoT does not and cannot make all other forms of condition monitoring obsolete, but it is a powerful enabler." 2 | March - April 2019 | www . Figure 1. The plethora of new sensors in the condition monitoring space is impressive. This emerging trend is bound to change the field of condition monitoring forever.

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