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020 White 002 Polished Chrome (supplied) 013 Polished Nickel 295 Brushed Nickel 278 Legacy Bronze CHINAWARE COLORS TRIP LEVER FINISHES BACK OUTLET VORMAX TOILET DESCRIPTION COMBINATION TANK + BOWL TANK ADA ELONGATED BOWL SEAT OPTIONS (SOLD SEPARATELY) Wall-Hung Glenwall VorMax HET with left hand lever 2882107.020 4385A107.020 3447101.020 Slow-close seat and cover with EverClean (5055A65C.020) or open front seat without cover (5901100.020) Wall-Hung Glenwall VorMax HET with right hand lever 2882108.020 4385A108.020 Wall-Hung Glenwall VorMax HET with left hand lever and tank cover lock device 2882167.020 4385A167.020 Floor Mount Yorkville VorMax HET with left hand lever 209AA137.020 4385A137.020 3359A101.020 Floor Mount Yorkville VorMax HET with right hand lever 209AA138.020 4385A138.020 Floor Mount Yorkville VorMax HET with left hand lever and tank cover lock device 209AA187.020 4385A187.020 ‡ When installed with provided seat, top of seat is 17" to 19" (432 to 483 mm) from the finished floor. CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION ADA COMPLIANT‡ 2882107 Combo With Seat: 5055A65C Glenwall® VorMax 209AA138 Combo With Seat: 5055A65C 2882107 Combo With Seat: 5901100 209AA137 Combo With Seat: 5901100 Back Outlet VorMax ® High Efficiency Toilets PERFORMANCE Beauty you can see and feel inside and out that comes from our use of long-lasting, solid materials and our flawless attention to details that create dependable performance for life. TECHNOLOGY Innovation that makes life easier and more enjoyable by solving the little and not so little problems of everyday living. CLEANCURVE® RIM DESIGN: Unique rim design eliminates hidden, hard to reach surfaces where dirt and build-up hide. FLUSH SCORE: Obtains best 1,000g MaP score using a water conserving 1.28 gpf volume.† DRAIN LINE CARRY: Meets all applicable drain line carry requirements and performs just as well as all pressure-assist HETs. NOISE: Creates 50% less noise than pressure-assist technology toilets. SEAT COVER FLUSHING: Consistently flushes and removes paper seat covers unlike many pressure-assist toilets which tend to rip and leave behind paper. VORMAX FLUSHING ACTION: Delivers a powerful jet of water that completely scrubs the bowl clean from top to bottom, eliminating everything in its path. Tested and proven, cleans over 2X Better.* STYLE Stand out style that fits in life today and will stay looking good for years to come, leaving your bathroom always looking its best. EVERCLEAN® SURFACE: Toilet surface is over 2X smoother than ordinary toilet surfaces thus eliminating dirt from sticking and staining. EverClean is an antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface. * Source: Test Report No. 109-141486-002, comparing VorMax against conventional under-the-rim-water-dispersal toilets from major retailers. † MaP testing performed by IAPMO R&T Lab. MaP report conducted by Gauley Associates Ltd. and Koeller and Company. Glenwall 1000g MaP score due 2019. Yorkville™ VorMax

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