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ballots included 11 votes for Furtado; 8 for Matthews; 20 for McAllister; 10 for McCarter; and 19 for Oatfield. Adding these votes to the total tallied on July 24, the results were: Ipsheeta Furtado 61 Deborah Matthews 80 Celeste McAllister 160 Jess McCarter 81 Christina Oatfield 116 You have elected Celeste McAllister and Christina Oatfield to your Board of Directors. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the candidates for your participation. g. Q&A Session The majority of the questions were about the sale of the credit union building, which developer was chosen and how much the credit union will be getting from the sale of the building. Chair Shabaka answered the credit union cannot disclose which developer they are working with, and they are diligently negotiating the best possible price. There was an inquiry regarding if there would be affordable housing built on the site; Mr. Shabaka answered yes, the majority of the building will be low-income affordable housing. Another member asked if the credit union would lease back space in the new development. Chair Shabaka answered that at that time, the credit union planned on a lease-back in the development. There were a few questions regarding the Core Conversion. Mark Suacillo addressed those inquiries. Ms. Holman addressed a question regarding the credit union's savings account dividends among other questions in regards to credit union loan products. Chair Shabaka ended with relaying how important it is for the credit union members to borrow from their credit union. IV. Adjourn Mr. Shabaka announced that staff would conclude the event with a raffle after formal adjournment. He adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m. Credit Union and Nonprofit Team Up to Provide Hope Jenny G. is a mother who fled to America from Peru with her young son to escape domestic violence. With $20 in her pocket and not-so-great credit, she thought she would never become financially stable. But then, with the help of Cooperative Center and the Community Financial Resources, she learned she had options. The Community Financial Resources Family Fitness program introduced her to our secured credit-builder card along with coaching and other financial tools. With the help of her Cooperative Center card, she's been able to improve her credit score, all while learning about credit, interest rates, paying on time and the importance of lifting her score. Now, thanks to CFR and Cooperative Center, Jenny is hopeful about her and her son's future again. Cooperative Center is proud to support her as she works towards becoming a U.S. Naturalized Citizen, improving her credit score to rent an apartment, and saving money for her son's education. 2001 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, CA 94703

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