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May 2019

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM MAY 2019 56 I ndependent retailers have an advantage that the big companies simply can't match – the passion, heart and soul to invest in their people. Are you seizing your biggest advantage in the marketplace? Are you investing in your people? A company culture that encourages learning builds employee loyalty, retention and growth. The best way to reach your dreams is to help your team experience the joy of building their knowledge and skills. The competition for top talent has grown tremendously, as unemployment rates continue to be at an all-time low. Including an employee development program as part of your perks and benefits is a very good way to attract the top candidates to your organization, because the best people always want to keep learning and growing. By training your employees and investing in their careers, you'll make them feel valued, and increase their job satisfaction and morale, with financial benefits for all. Should you think of employee training as a cost or an investment? Training is not a cost, if it's done right. It's an investment with great returns in increased productivity, reduced errors, lower internal costs, and employee longevity. Training is one of the wisest investments companies can make. A training program strengthens your employees' skills and increases their productivity. It helps weed-out weak links and opens excellent opportunities for cross-training and the spread of fresh new ideas to keep your organization vitalized. What's the major difference between training and development? Training is short-term learning for new employees. Development is a process that never ends. How can you develop a wise development plan? Weekly sales meetings to share best practices would be a good start. Consider these steps when creating your development plan: • Assessment – What's the educational need? • Objectives – What are the goals and the purpose? • Training Materials – Possibly a digital training module, handouts, or a live session. • Implement – How do I utilize the training I just received and put the plan in place? • Evaluate – Review your successes. Take advantage of the outside training opportunities available through Nationwide, as well as your appliance vendor partners. Opportunities include the semi-annual Nationwide PrimeTime event which hosts hundreds of learning sessions, including interactive workshops where business owners and employees connect and share. Look for small things you can master or influence that will affect the big picture. Challenge your team to take online product training during slow times of the day. "Good managers surround themselves by great employees." (There, I've revealed my personal management motto.) Never stop trying to improve your workforce, if you want to make your company an industry leader. And, last but not least, deliver on your promises. Your employees should be your best assets, so take care of them by investing in their future. Make no mistake, you'll be investing in your own future as well. ARE YOU INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE? Missy Hodges Appliance Trends Missy Hodges Nationwide Marketing Group RO

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