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C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 9 233 and raised on the Monterey Peninsula. His Swiss grandparents came to Carmel Valley in the mid-19th century. His father and he both worked for S.F.B. Morse, founder of Pebble Beach. The son worked for Del Monte Properties as a property manager and the elder Forzani was Morse's per- sonal chauffeur. All these men have deep roots in the Peninsula, including the ebullient Elio Chiappe. Now 86, he arrived here in 1961 and virtually invented the waste collection business in the area. A member of what he wryly calls "The Royal Order of Can Collectors," "I picked up trash from Carmel to Big Sur to Fort Ord," he says. Forzani founded the Marina Dunes RV Park. "I personally planted ever y tree on that proper ty," he says proudly. Other attendees include Julian Lopez, 75, a Carmel Valley native who later moved to Big Sur ; Salinas native Fred Crummey, a 79-year- old retired stockbro- ker who now volun- teers with the Carmel Foundation and Meals on Wheels; and 94- year-old Michael Androsko, a transplanted New Yorker whose work for Firestone on the Corporal missile (the first US guided missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead) brought him here in 1958. He later put his mechanical engineering skills to work for Cochrane Equipment in Salinas, a company that first made farming equipment and later airline baggage handling systems. There's also Joe Stine, 85, who grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan, but came to Carmel at a young age. He was a well-respected insurance agent in town for many years. One might think that the owners of a restaurant as popular and busy as From Scratch is would take umbrage with a group of guys occupying prime real estate every morning. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Matt Grebing, 22-year-old son of owner Steve Grebing, has been around the family business since he was a young lad and now runs the operation while his dad tends to other interests. "I remember being held by Mike Androsko when I was small," he says. "As a group, they have some very deep and embedded roots in the community. It's remarkable to hear them chat about what's going on in their lives and other customers treat them with love and care and really enjoy it when they sit down to talk with them. These guys are more than welcome here." L f o o i r P . e f i L y t i r o , r – t e . . e r p s i t a h What is pre u? o y o t s u o i cious to you? o P e r What is precious to you? Everyone has priorities and it's so easy to make YOU last. It is a fact, however, , that if your health is not well, you may not be there for others. It all begins with the wellness of your mouth. WE OFFER: Sedation "Sleep" Dentistry Minimally invasive options for Gum Disease, to include Laser L.A.N.A.P.. TM and Pin Hole Gum Rejuvenation TM as seen on "The Doctors" January 21, 2014. y F T s t s F PRGF,, where we use your own enhanced cells, , to heal faster – of en with no pain. Dental Implants, same day In house Dental CT,, virtual treatment planning and Computer Guided Implant Placement Minimally Invasive tooth removal using Piezo Electric tools No cut = No pain. Rated #1 periodontist & implant specialist in the S.F.. South Bay & Monterey Ba . Google "Pechak DDS" anytime and read all about it. Hundreds of positive patients cannot be wrong Many have been kind enough to review their experience to help you P Jochen P.. Pec Diplomate, American ' Many have been kind enough to Let s make this the ye chak DDS MSD Board of Periodontology o review their experience to help you ear of a healthy mouth. ! e l b a la il a va A g n in ci n a n in Fi e e e Fr t s e e t n I . s e c n a r u s n i l l a r o f g n i l l i b y s e t r u o C r e d i v o r p l a t n e D a t l e D m o c . s u R s m u G • 9 0 0 0 - 0 2 9 ) 31 8 ( r Fr Fi ci v il p gy Perio & Implant Center • 21 Upper Ragsdale Drive At 100, John Calcagno cherishes morning coffee and conversation with his pals.

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