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BICSIinsider N e w s a n d i n f o r m a t i o n f o r B I C S I M e m b e r s V O L U M E 6 , I S S U E 2 FEATURE pp. 3-5 Huge BICSI Data Center Release: Two International Standards and a Specialty Manual ORGANIZATION pp. 6-12 ICT Canada Conference Recap; College Scholarships; BICSI CEO/Executive Director to Retire; Project Refresh; Board Nominations; BICSI Cares & AmazonSmile; Women in BICSI Column GLOBAL pp. 13-22 Event Recaps: BICSI India Conference, BICSI Day Guatemala, MEA Conference, Oman Technical Seminar, New Zealand Conference; CALA Webinars; Costa Rica Country Chair; Data Center Forum Bucharest; Datacloud Global Congress; MEA Promotions; Appointments in Europe; Upcoming Japan Conference; Exams in Japanese; DC Standards' Translations; Upcoming Global Events CREDENTIALING pp. 23-25 Volunteer Acknowledgement & Installation JTA; New to the RCS Committee; Congratulations Credential Holders EDUCATION pp. 26-32 Updated ICT Fundamentals Program; Upcoming ICT Workshops and Webinar; Tech Tip: Optical Fiber Cable Testing; BICSI Region Events; Upcoming Courses BICSI RELEASES TWO INTERNATIONAL DATA CENTER STANDARDS AND A SPECIALTY MANUAL

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