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SiG MT 74 DISCREET PAL ATE Text by Heather Bode Photography by Sara Young Reclaiming History Stockett's American Bar: uch of Montana history contains the stories of visionaries- people who dared to dream with the lile money they had. When Shannon Wya Blocher purchased and reopened the American Bar in 2017, even her own family thought she was crazy. While in its heyday, Stocke was a thriving mining town with plenty of clientele to support a bar, today it is a blip on the highway. But Blocher and her American Bar are hellbent on bringing back those glory days. How is she succeeding? With a love of history, her family, and good food on her side. With relatives living in Sand Coulee, this Great Falls native spent a great deal of time hanging out in the Gulch communities. "I just love the area and love the people. We used to come out here to play shuffleboard, which is gone now. As I got older, there were the Coulee Runs. ere were three bars in Sand Coulee, one in Centerville, and the American Bar in Stocke. We would go around from bar to bar. It was a lot of fun," says Blocher. M Shannon Blocher (right) stands in front of the American Bar with her husband Lance Blocher and daughter Chelsea Wyatt.

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