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However, Winston Publishing is not responsible for unsolicited submissions. Email: WINSTON PUBLISHING P.O. Box 1707, Great Falls, MT 59403 PRINTED IN THE USA All statements, including product claims, are those of the person or organization making the statement or claim. e publisher does not adopt any such statement or claims as its own and any such statement or claim does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. PUBLISHER • David F. Leray EDITOR • Hayley Lenington-Leray CREATIVE DIRECTOR • Ted Stuff GRAPHIC DESIGNER • Samantha Louthan SALES/MARKETING • Jack May COPY EDITOR • Katherine Niemi SiG MT 10 FROM THE EDITOR Hayley Lenington-Leray SiG MT S MT S I G N A T U R E M O N T A N A M A G A Z I N E I'm sure you are familiar with the saying, "She's ready to blow!" I don't oen compare myself to a volcano, but for lack of a beer analogy, that's me lately! But, not for reasons you may think. As I drove to work today, a young gentleman driving an older model BMW rudely cut me off as I pulled out at a four-way stop. When I tapped my horn, hoping to catch his aention before he took out my front end, I'm prey sure the finger he waved wasn't to let me know I'm number one. Normally, I wouldn't let this bother me, but his complete disregard for others while clinching a cell phone between his cheek and shoulder and single fisting a cigaree and energy drink made me wonder, what has happened to humanity? By nature, I am usually a happy and optimistic idealist, embracing a personal philosophy that the world is full of brightness, love and possibilities to seize. But as I look around, I see less and less social interaction. e art of face-to-face communication is losing out to instant messaging, emails and social media. When I look at FaceBook and other sites, I'm appalled to see such malicious, hurtful and vitriolic comments. It's just too easy to spew words into an on-line world knowing your shielded from any repercussion or consequence. e problem is, the precedent being set is that it's okay to be mean online. It won't end there, it too will slowly morph to another level; bringing that anger and downright mean-spiritedness face-to-face, just like the gentleman signaling I was number one. e next time you get frazzled or angry and want to post something, think about it first. Let it sele for a few hours or even a day. If you still feel the need to respond, ask yourself, "Would I say this to the person face-to-face?" If you still feel the need to post, take the high road and try something positive. is season gis us with the opportunity to embrace a positive aitude, and the new beginnings it brings can be quite profound. ere is a song by Dean Martin called "Memories are Made of is" that I oen play this time of year. "ese are the dreams you will savor, with His blessings from above, serve it generously with love," sings Martin. is message is something I, along with the Signature MT team, want to capture in this issue, recognizing the positivity the world is still capable of producing. We've rounded up some stories that do exactly that, from Mike and Sindy Neubauer, who floundered through life adri and desperate but by God's mercy were saved and are now saving others to volunteer puppy raisers who raise Golden Retrievers, Labradors, or a mix of the two, to become service dogs for children, veterans and adults with disabilities. e Fort Benton physical therapist who sidelines as an organic farmer so she can provide for the physical health of her family and her patients. ese and other stories of sincerity and kindness can be found throughout the pages of this issue. Read up, then meet your friends for hands-free coffee and discussion; no phones invited! Memories are made of this! 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